We want to offer a free account to everybody interested. Free basic account gives you access to many useful features, such as booking system and a customer register.

  1. Create a free account here

  2. Enter the information and create a strong password.

  3. Confirm your phone number and email as instructed.

Creating a salon and adding services

2. Follow the instructions and complete onboarding with the information for your company and location. How to create more than one location for company in here. (in Finnish)

You can also edit the information and pictures later.

a.) Add opening hours and photos of the site/salon. A photo of the site will appear on the appointment website and in the booking confirmation that will be sent to your customer.

b.) You can specify a personal image from your own profile and add presentation text, and a public name that will appear on the bookings.

3. Add services to your business/salon.

a.) Activate the categories in green on the Services tab and set prices with descriptions. (in Finnish)

The "PREVIEW" feature lets you see how your booking website looks like in customers eyes.

Employees and other users

4. Invite employees and other users

a.) Enter the email address of the employee or other to invite them to the system. Set the role to the system.

b.) The settings will allow you to add employees later from the Settings - Users and bottom of the page - "Add a new employee"

How to edit the order of employees in the calendar (in Finnish)

5. Set personal and salon calendar settings

a.) You can find your personal Calendar settings in the upper right corner of the page.

b.) You can configure and edit your Salon calendar settings from the Settings menu on the left.

How to open bookings?(in Finnish)


Feel free to use the free basic version and activate PRO if you want more versatile features like gift cards, PoS and payment terminal. The payment terminal works seamlessly with the PoS, without additional hustle.

More information about the PRO from here. (in Finnish)

P.s Due to the payment terminal, you have to fill in a merchant survey in the system once the PRO has been activated for you. Please note that if you want to the settlements of entrepreneurs to be paid in their own accounts, they should also fill out a merchant survey. We do not charge extra for this.

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