Reasons why you should get a modern appointment system:

  • You get a new channel where customers can find your business and your services.

  • Every place or new channel added where a reservation can be made will bring in more customers. In addition to your website, add an appointment link to at least your company's Facebook and Instagram pages. Each channel brings in customers you wouldn’t otherwise get.

  • There are always those who do not want to call, especially young customers like to be able to do reservations independently, regardless of time and place.

  • People are busy: making an appointment is often the last thing of the evening. Even the most loyal customers might book time from your competitor if it is easier to book.

  • Appointments are open for booking 24/7. (not just during salon opening hours)

Why Book Salon is the best choice for your business:

  • Most of appointment booking systems are old. The starting point for the design has been to make them work on large computer screens. Book Salon, on the other hand, is designed to work with both large screens and small phone screens. No compromises needed!

  • We have invested in usability. Book Salon is the easiest and most beautiful appointment system on the market for customers and professionals.

  • A registered customer can make a reservation with just three clicks.

  • The development of Book Salon never stops. We implement and improve features based on the feedback we receive from our customers. We also bring features that the beauty and wellness industry has never seen or been able to dream of before.

  • Book Salon Basic is free of charge and includes an appointment booking, checkout, automatic customer register and automatic accounting reports. You get the same or worse with a monthly fee from elsewhere.

  • Book Salon PRO includes everything you need to run a successful salon: appointment booking, cash register, integrated payment terminal, fast daily settlements, online pre-payments, automatic customer registration, automatic reports, inventory management, gift cards, self-service gift card shop for customers, SMS reminders for customers and much more !

  • Above all, You are a partner to us - not just a customer.

  • We will not shackle you with fixed term or long contracts. You can try the service without any risks!

  • Try it now, start by clicking the button below.

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